MSc-Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care

M.Sc. Nursing

A two-year postgraduate programme M.Sc. Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care is designed to train registered BSc Nurses to treat critically sick patients. Nursing care aims to reduce acute problems, maximize health restoration, and stabilize patients' conditions.

The curriculum comprises various programmes founded on solid scientific principles, including the management of complex health systems and evidence-based practice. These are based on the nursing bachelor's program. They may prescribe medications, medical tools, and therapies as permitted by the nursing regulating councils, state legislation, and federal law. The competency of the Nurse Practitioners in Critical Care is accountable for the following:

  • Patient selection/admission into ICU and discharge
  • Problem identification through appropriate assessment
  • Selection/administration of medication or devices or therapies
  • Patients' education for the use of therapeutics
  • Knowledge of therapeutic interactions, if any
  • Evaluation of outpatient care.

Scope of M.Sc. Nursing (Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care)

Graduates specializing in critical care provide treatment for patients with severe, emergency, and complicated illnesses or injuries. They specialize in taking care of patients that require careful observation. Nurses specializing in critical care work in intensive care, post-operative care, and other high-dependence areas of hospitals. Because treatment approaches for patients of various age groups differ, they frequently specialize in sectors like adult critical care, pediatric intensive care, or neonatal intensive care.

Career options for M.Sc. Nursing (Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care)

Our programme will improve students' awareness and clinical expertise of critical care, and the program will also boost their academic skills and provide them with a chance to improve their careers.

On completing the programme, your professional and career growth will be boosted in the following areas, regardless of whether you are a nurse, doctor, paramedic, or other allied health professionals:

  • Contemporary clinical practice
  • Medical leadership
  • Research
  • Education and training

Programme offered at

  • GITAM Institute of Nursing, GIMSR Campus

Duration of the programme

  • 2 Years

Check Eligibility

  • Applicants must possess a registered B.Sc. Nurse with a minimum of one-year clinical experience, in any critical care unit.
  • Must have undergone the B.Sc. Nursing in an Institution recognized by the Indian Nursing Council.
  • Must have scored not less than 55% aggregate marks in the B.Sc. (N) program.
  • Pass in qualifying examination from a recognized central / state University or its equivalent and also rank obtained in GAT (Nursing PG) - 2022.

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Curriculum and Syllabus