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Mr. Challa Rajendra Prasad


Challa Rajendra Prasad is a successful first generation Engineer-Technocrat-Entrepreneur. But above all, he is a philanthropist and a deeply spiritual person.

Rajendra Prasad completed his Mechanical Engineering from the Osmania University in 1975. Inspired by the example of Shri G. D. Naidu of Coimbatore, an inventor who established many industries and spurred industrial growth in and around Coimbatore in the 1950s providing growth opportunities to a large number of entrepreneurs and employment to the rural population, with this aim in mind he began his entrepreneurial career in a humble way with just Rs. 50,000 in the year 1975-1976 by setting up packaging unit under Technocrats scheme

In his long entrepreneurial life, Rajendra Prasad set up several units connected with packaging materials, tubes and ducts, real estate and construction but his true passion remained soluble coffee. He realised his dream in 1989 by setting up Asian Coffee Ltd. through which he also realised his vision that

  • India should always export finished products after value addition instead of exporting raw materials.
  • Indian foreign currency reserves should swell.
  • Generate employment for the rural youth.

Asian Coffee Ltd. was set up in a rural area and it was the first Indian non-multinational owned company engaged in the business of producing instant coffee. Thanks to his dynamism, Asian Coffee Ltd. had the distinction of the first Indian company to receive assistance from the Commonwealth Development Corporation, UK.

In 1994, Challa Rajendra Prasad established CCL Products (India) Limited (formerly known as Continental Coffee Ltd.). He is at present the Executive Chairman of the company. CCL Products (India) Ltd. is a true Indian multi-national company with manufacturing facilities in three countries — two factories located at two different rural places in India, one factory in Vietnam and another factory in Switzerland. With 50,000 MTs coffee products

production capacity, CCL is the third largest private label soluble coffee manufacturer in the world, after Nestle and JDE. It exports soluble coffee to more than 90 countries across the world. Further, CCL has earned a foreign exchange of more than Rs.9000 crores and created direct employment to 3000 people and indirect employment to more than 8000 persons. Challa Rajendra Prasad is reckoned as a pioneer and the first entrepreneur in India to have placed Indian soluble coffee in hard currency world markets. He is regarded as a leader in the global instant coffee industry. As a tribute to his invaluable contribution to the instant coffee industry, the International Instant Coffee Manufacturers Body has conferred the rare honour of Life Time Achievement Award on him in 2019 in Germany.

Challa Rajendra Prasad served the Coffee Board of India as a member for three consecutive terms from 1990 to 1999 and a fourth term from 2009 to 2012. He was also appointed as a Special Invitee to the Coffee Board in 2004. He is a Director on the Board of Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation and had served the Corporation in the same capacity from 2007 to 2013 and again from 2019 he continues to be on APSFC Board.

Challa Rajendra Prasad’s personal life revolves around spirituality, piety, and charity. He believes in the principle ‘that which we give, we shall receive in abundance’. He has generously contributed to many good causes, such as education of girl child, children education, orphanages, disabled persons, vocational training, medical assistance to the needy, women empowerment, construction of houses to Hudhud victims, welfare of the underprivileged people in the society, to name a few. But he has never sought publicity for his charitable deeds.

Challa Rajendra Prasad is a successful ethical industrialist and a source of inspiration to entrepreneurs and role model to the industrialists across the globe. He is wedded to philanthropy, and so he is also a fine example of what a good human being ought to be.