Impact of the Centre on the Community

Fire is one of the most destructive accidental loads that a structure can be subjected to. Once a fire has started, highly flammable modern finishing and fittings cause a fire to spread at an alarming rate. In a typical fire, the temperature reaches 50000c in about 10 min and 95000c in 1 hour. The amount of damage caused to a structure by a fire will depend on the severity and the duration of the thermal exposure. It ranges from superficial damage to the paint and plaster to extensive structural damage.

Realizing this social concern, GITAM established fire research centre as a pioneering facility in the year 2009. Engineering based on disaster mitigation for a safer built environment with respect to fire is one of the major thrust areas in which the centre is working and has contributed significantly. At this centre, our scientists are involved in research and development of fire resistant materials for a safe built environment with a view to minimizing the losses due to fires. The more important facet of this centre is an implementation of the research on the field and finding solutions to practical problems of safety.

The centre has produced two doctoral degrees and 22 M.Tech degrees on a performance of fire-affected concrete. Some of the ongoing research topics are “Behaviour of geopolymer concrete exposed to high temperatures", "Performance of basalt fiber concrete at high temperatures", 'Performance of recycled brick aggregate concrete at high temperatures". The centre has also completed sponsored projects of UGC and DST.

The centre has conducted various awareness programmes to create awareness about the topic of fire-resistant concrete. A national conference, “National Conference on Fire Affected Concrete structures (NACOFACS06)” was successfully organized to bring all the researchers working in the area of fire affected concrete structures onto a single platform with the goal of capacity building. An international conference for professional engineers, “Challenges in Disaster Management” has been organized with one exclusive session on fire-affected concrete structures. The centre has developed the expertise of designing fire-resistant concrete mixes. The centre has developed fire-resistant concrete mixes for the Visakhapatnam steel plant and Brahmini steel plant.