Centre for Entrepreneurship Development

Year of Establishment: 2009
Coordinator: Dr.M.Ram Mohan Rao

Entrepreneurship is a catalyst for economic development and job creation. It accelerates industrial development of a country and generates employment opportunities resulting in overall improvement of the standard of living of the people. The youth in India have many ideas and dreams but are unable to convert them into realities. There is a need to provide world-class education and training at the hands of successful investors and entrepreneurs in order to develop them into successful entrepreneurs. Being an educational institution committed to nation-building, GITAM has started a Centre for Entrepreneurship Development with the objective of helping people discover and use entrepreneurship to become self-reliant.

The objectives of the centre are
  1. To train the youth to use their skills, aptitudes, and attitudes to turn opportunities into reality.
  2. To increase the awareness of entrepreneurship as a career option.
  3. To provide inputs for entrepreneurship awareness, business creation, small business development, and training of trainers.
  4. To develop training methods/ techniques and manuals for entrepreneurial processes.
  5. To promote rural entrepreneurship and educate the rural business folk in different business related aspects.
  6. To train the youth to develop entrepreneurial skills to take up self-employment.

The centre has conducted a number of training classes for local youth to develop their entrepreneurial skills and thereby, create confidence in establishing their own ventures. The centre has undertaken a major project from a reputed NGO in the state of Andhra Pradesh to conduct entrepreneurial training for unemployed youth. So far the centre has trained more than 2000 beneficiaries under this project.