Information relating to the availability of Infrastructure and Physical Assets.

GITAM has three picturesque campuses at Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. The main campus at Visakhapatnam is spread over 97.33 acres, the off-campus at Hyderabad spread over 160 acres and another off-campus at Bengaluru spread over 50 acres. The main campus is situated in the picturesque city of Visakhapatnam with well laid-out roads and gardens providing a serene atmosphere and ambiance for peaceful pursuit of knowledge.

All the three campuses of GITAM have state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet the requirements of organizing the academic programmes, comprising well laid-out and elegantly planned/engineered buildings for administration, academic departments, central facilities such as a central library, hostels, playgrounds, indoor stadium, etc.

GITAM is endowed with 17 academic blocks, 10 hostels, 01 fully air-conditioned library building and 02 administrative blocks. All the academic departments possess fairly adequate space to accommodate the classrooms, laboratories, departmental library and other facilities. The laboratories are provided with the sophisticated equipment, furniture, fixtures in accordance with good laboratory practices. All the three campuses have good supply of potable water and 2012 KVA power supply generators.

GITAM has six auditoria with a seating capacity of about 3000. These auditoria are used for organizing national & international seminars/conferences/ workshops, guest lectures of national & international repute, campus placements, student tech festivals, students’ meets, alumni meet, parents meets, cultural programmes, etc.

GITAM library known as Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) is located in Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Bhawan, an architectural marvel of GITAM. The library has more than 34 lakh books (including e-books), periodicals, national and international journals. Further, the library is provided with infonet service that facilitates online access to about 8,500 electronic journals published by different publishers. In addition, 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) high-speed bandwidth is provided in GITAM campus under the scheme of National Mission for Education through Information & Communication Technologies (NEMICT) sponsored by the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, providing connectivity to all the systems located in the campus. All the campuses at Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru have Wi-Fi facility.

GITAM provides adequate and up-to-date computing facilities to all the departments including GITAM library. The IT infrastructure in the campus includes over 3700 computers and these systems are connected in a very large campus-wide network through fiber optic backbone connectivity.

Super computer

GITAM has set up a data centre (central computing facility) housing a supercomputer capable of delivering 1.5 teraflops (1.5 trillion floating point operations per second), an enterprise-class unified storage of 70 terabytes (expandable to one petabyte-1000 terabytes), 60 high-end servers most of which are virtualized with VMware-enterprise+ with implementation of cloud computing. The network at GITAM is a world-class network with 10G backbone and a sophisticated high-end WiFi network covering the entire campuses, both at Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Bengaluru which is capable of streaming live and on-demand video lectures to thousands of students. The wired and securely managed Wi-Fi networks together are capable of serving up to 15, 000 simultaneous clients. The network is connected to the internet at a blazing speed of 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps).

The Central Research Laboratory

A central research laboratory was established in the Institute of technology, under which faculty from all streams of engineering and science courses conduct their research works under a single roof. The CRL comprises six divisions: (i) Centre for Advanced Materials & Processing (CAM & P) (ii) Centre for Chemical Analysis (CCA), (iii) Centre for Materials Research (CMR) (iv) Medical Biotechnology (MB) (v) Innovision Systems & Devices Research Centre (ISDRC) and (vi) Centre for Advanced Computation (CAC). The facilities at CRL are being extensively utilized by both teachers and research scholars.

Sports facilities

GITAM has good indoor and outdoor sports facilities viz., indoor stadium, gymnasia, running tracks, cricket ground, volleyball, and basketball courts, etc. The tennis courts are of international standard and many tournaments are organized in GITAM. Students are encouraged to participate in sports and cultural programmes. GITAM encourages girl students also to participate in games & sports and extracurricular activities. There is a separate gym for girl students. Many boys and girl students participated in state level and national level sports competitions and won medals and prizes.

GITAM has hostel facilities separately for boys and girls in all the three campuses. All the rooms of the hostels are well equipped and provided with internet facility. Most modern and mechanized kitchens in hostels provide hygienic food and potable water. The hostels are also provided with recreation and indoor game facilities.

For a comfortable living and learning, the campuses of GITAM are provided with facilities like post office, full-fledged banking facility, food courts & canteens, books & stationery stores, medical shop, ATM centres, telephone exchange, hobby centre, student professional chapters, etc.

Details of the buildings at Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Bengaluru Campuses are given below:
Details of Infrastructure: Main campus, Visakhapatnam
Existing buildings:
Sl. no.Name of the buildingNo. of floorsPlinth area in square meters
Main Campus at Visakhapatnam
Institute of Technology
1. Chandrahas Bhavan (ICT Bhavan) 8 34,947
2. Sir Arthur Cotton Bhavan 4 8,412
3. Sir Visweswarayya Bhavan 4 5,801
4. Civil Bhavan 4 2,737
5. Mechanical Bhavan 4 3,618
6. Industrial Engineering Bhavan 5 1,794
Subtotal : 57,309
Institute of Science
7. Sir C.V.Raman Bhavan 5 7,525
8. S.S.Bhatnagar Bhavan Science Laboratories Block 5 4,537
Subtotal : 12,062
Institute of Management Studies
9. Madan Mohan Malaviya Bhavan 4 4,957
10. GIFT Bhavan 4 4,647
Subtotal: 9,604
Institute of Pharmacy
11. Yallapragada Subba Rao Bhavan 8 12,185
School of Architecture
12. Architecture Bhavan 4 2,737
School of Law
13. Ambedkar Bhavan 4 1,955
Gandhian Studies
14. Sarvodaya Bhavan 5 4,806
Central Library
15. Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Bhavan (Knowledge Resource Centre) 5 4,842
Central Administration
16. GITAM Bhavan 10 11,093
17. GITAM Centre 4 1,628
Subtotal : 12,721
Off-Campus at Hyderabad
18. Academic & Administrative Building-1 10 15,973
19. Laboratories block 1 770
20. Workshop 1 403
21. Academic building-2 (part) 9 42,015
Subtotal : 59,161
Off-Campus at Bengaluru
22. Academic block-1 8 18,535
23. Administrative block 6 1,727
Subtotal : 20,262
Total : 1,97,644
Existing room facilities:
Name of the InstituteClass roomsWaiting hallsStudents rest roomsStaff rest rooms
Institute of Technology 118 5 23 19 4 3
Institute of Science 19 1 3 3 2 2
Institute of Management 32 2 2 2 2 2
Institute of Pharmacy 8 2 2 2 1 1
School of Architecture 4 2 2 2 1 1
School of Law 3 2 3 3 1 1
Gandhian Studies 9 2 3 2 1 1
Hyderabad Campus 97 4 11 11 8 8
Bengaluru Campus 30 2 7 7 4 3
Total 320 22 56 51 24 22
Buildings proposed to be constructed:
sl.numberName of the buildingNumber of floorsplinth area in square meters
Main Campus at Visakhapatnam
1 School of Architecture and Civil Engineering Block 10 15,490
2 Canteens(3 nos.) 1 3,390
Off-Campus at Hyderabad
3 Academic Building-2 (balance) 9 1,48,517
4 Amenity Block 3 990
Off-Campus at Bengaluru
5 Canteen 1 518
Total : 1,68,905
Sports Infrastructure:
Main Campus at Visakhapatnam
Playground  (Area: 7 acres) 1
Playground (earmarked : 10 acres) to be developed 1
Cricket field 1
Indoor stadium (Plinth area: 2,345 sq. m.) 1
Balayogi Kalapranganam 1
Tennis gallery 2
Gym halls – separate for boys and girls 2
Courts (Tennis-4, Volleyball-4, Football-1, Handball-1, Throwball-2, Tennicoit-1, Basketball-3, Badminton-4, Ball Badminton-1, Kabaddi-2, Kho-Kho-1) 24
Off-Campus at Hyderabad
Playground  (Area: 9 acres) 1
Courts  (Volleyball-4, Football-1, Handball-1, Throwball-2, Tennicoit-1, Basketball-4, Badminton-2, Ball Badminton-1) 16
Off-Campus at Bengaluru
Playground  (Area: 6 acres) 1
Courts  (Volleyball-2,  Handball-1, Throwball-2, Tennicoit-1, Basketball-2, Badminton-2) 10
Hostel facilities and other services
Sl. no.Name of the buildingNo. of FloorsPlinth area in square meters
Main Campus at Visakhapatnam
1 Sadarma Sadan (Boys hostel) 3 7,140
2 Shanthi Sadan (Boys hostel) 4 4,287
3 Vinay Sadan (Boys hostel) 7 12,116
4 Kokila Sadan (Girls hostel) 6 13,630
5 Rabindrasagar Sadan (Boys hostel) 12 19,729
6 Durgabai Deshmukh Sadan (Girls hostel) 14 31,807
7 Staff Quarters (24Nos.) 1 1,829
8 Faculty Quarters (48 nos.) 7 8,733
8 Support Services (3 nos.) 1 519
Subtotal: 99,790
Off-Campus at Hyderabad
7 Boys hostel (Block A) 6 11,592
8 Boys hostel (Block B) 6 11,592
9 Boys hostels Mess 1 1,013
10 Girls hostel (Block A) 4 6,363
11 Girls hostel (Block B) 4 5,818
12 Support services (07 Nos.) 1 1,803
Subtotal: 38,181
Off-Campus at Bengaluru
13 Boys hostel 8 17,628
14 Girls hostel  8 17,628
15 Staff quarters 8 11,663
Subtotal: 46,919
Total: 1,84,890