Caste discrimination

Mahatma Gandhi a staunch advocate of casteless society campaigned to improve the lives of Dalits. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar envisaged a society based on the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity. These two leaders, the builders of our Nation strived relentlessly for the abolition of the caste system. The Indian Government and the UGC have also taken initiatives to protect and defend the dignity of each individual through respect for human rights and the rule of law of the land.

An important and key role of every educational institution is not only to disseminate knowledge, but also to nurture and groom its students as be good citizens by inculcating values and ethics in order to build a happy and fruitful society- GITAM too strongly endorses and adheres to this motto. Since its inception in 1980 the University has been maintaining a peaceful and conducive environment with the support of administration, faculty and students and ensured that there is no caste based discrimination on its campus.

The university was named after Gandhi - GITAM (Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management and subsequently upgraded to a University) with a view to uphold and instill his values. By virtue of its 36 plus years of meritorious service in the educational sector, it has today, carved a niche for itself and gained reputation as a learning centre for creating an academically enriching and learning experience for the stake holders. It recognizes talent and even offers a fee waiver to meritorious students.

The management takes stringent measures to ensure a peaceful atmosphere and safe ambience on the campus. In case there is a situation wherein the student/faculty feels let down or humiliated due to some callous comment of someone or if he/she feels that they are being targeted by a particular faculty/peers due to their extremist and biased belief in caste, the person can lodge a complaint in the prescribed form that will reach a senior University official, which will be followed by an enquiry for justice to be delivered.

Complaints can be made:

By downloading the Complaint form and mail to