GITAM general hospital

GITAM established a General Hospital with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities manned by experienced and qualified staff with an objective to cater to the health needs of the students, staff and also the general public of the neighboring villages. An ambulance is made available 24x7 to attend to medical emergencies. Students and staff also have free access to the Dental college and hospital located on the campus to get their dental problems treated.

The GITAM General hospital is endowed with basic specialties such as General Medicine, General Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, ETC.


gitam yoga

In contemporary times yoga has become a household term and a way of life. The practice of yoga is a holistic approach. The practitioner is benefited in different dimensions. Different components of Hatha Yoga such as Asanas (bodily postures), Pranayama (breathing practices), Shat Kriyas (cleansing techniques), Bandhas (locking procedures) and Mudras (psychological attitudes) produce various psychophysiological benefits. Some of them are self- regulating. As a part of modernization, people adopt different lifestyles that are deviating from the norm to a great extent. Some of these deviant patterns of lifestyle include poor dietary habits and faulty sleep patterns resulting in several physiological problems such as digestive disorders, respiratory problems, circulatory problems, and headaches etc., and psychological problems such as irritability, uncontrolled anger, poor concentration, low self-concept and deviant behavior etc.

Yoga with its holistic approach can be used as a self-regulating strategy. Regular yoga practice which includes the different elements of hatha yoga results in 1. Quick removal of the toxins from the body. 2. Improved circulation among all the minute areas of the body and thereby ensures ample nourishment to various parts of the body. 3. Balanced energy levels are maintained. 4. A focus on the mind is attained. 5. Stress levels are reduced. These effects improve health.

Impact of yoga practice is experienced not only for health problems; yoga has something to offer for the enhancement of human potential. Even people who do not have significant health problems can practice yoga and improve their skills in various fields. In brief, every aspect of yoga aims at obtaining focus of the mind either in gross or subtle ways. As a result of this focus, the practitioners can relax body and mind; one can overcome stress-related problems. In addition to this one can enhance cognitive skills to a considerable extent. Scientific studies have provided the significant amount of evidence to state that yoga practice improves concentration, memory and reduces the fluctuation of attention. Regular yoga practice enhances self-concept, improves personality, interpersonal relationships and productivity.

With an intention to make all the members of GITAM experience the benefits of this ancient system, yoga classes are conducted for all the members of GITAM: students, faculty, and staff. Also, at GITAM, yoga is a necessary component of the curriculum in some programmes. Classes are open for all students and staff of GITAM at the school of Gandhian Studies between 4-6 pm. It is also proposed to offer certificate courses in yoga for people from all spheres of activity across different age groups in the near future.