Evaluation norms

  1. The assessment of the performance of the students in a theory course shall be based on two components: continuous evaluation and semester-end examination.
  2. A student has to secure a minimum of 40% in the theory component of the course and an aggregate of 40% together in the above two components, to be declared to have passed the course.
  3. Practical/ Project Work/ Industrial Training/ Viva voce/ Seminar etc. course are completely assessed under continuous evaluation for a maximum of 100 marks and a student has to obtain a minimum of 40% to secure pass grade.
2. Attendance requirements
  1. A student whose attendance is less than 75% in all the courses put together in any semester will not be permitted to attend the end - semester examination and he/she will not be allowed to register for subsequent semesters of study. He/she has to repeat the semester along with his / her juniors.
  2. However, the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the Principal / Director of the Institute/ School may condone the shortage of attendance to the students whose attendance is between 66% and 74% on genuine medical grounds, on payment of prescribed fee.
3.Eligibility for award of degree
  1. Duration of the program: A student has to normally complete the program of study within the stipulated time period, with an additional grace period of two years.
  2. However, the Vice Chancellor at his discretion can relax the above regulation in individual cases for cogent and sufficient reasons.
  3. A student shall be eligible for award of a degree subject to fulfilling the following conditions.

i. Registered and successfully completed all the courses and projects.

ii. Successfully acquired the minimum required credits as specified in the curriculum corresponding to the branch of his/her study within the stipulated time.

iii. Has no dues to the Institute, hostels, Libraries, NCC / NSS etc, and

iv. No disciplinary action is pending against him / her.

The degree shall be awarded after approval by the academic council