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Centre for Advanced Technology Solutions (CATS)

The Centre for Advanced Technology Solutions (CATS) was established in 2008 with an objective of providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions to GITAM University. Its functions are:

  1. To identify suitable technology and software for an integrated repository of information and developing necessary applications to achieve complete computerization.
  2. To provide training and support to the users of the University Information System.
  3. To handle computerization of the university activities and also to undertake software consultancy projects offered by outside organizations.
  4. To develop in-house software applications to suit the requirements of the University.
  5. To hire the services of outside experts on contract basis for the development of software applications as and when a need arises and
  6. To suggest suitable measures for improvement of standards, wherever necessary.

CATS team has been managing a world class Computer Network consisting of a 10G backbone and served by several Gigabit switches and a sophisticated high-end WiFi and wired network covering the three campuses with high availability. This network is connected to the Internet at a blazing speed of around 1400 Mbps which is also capable of streaming video lectures to thousands of students. The wired and securely managed WiFi networks together are capable of serving more than 20,000 simultaneous clients.

Data Centre:

A world class data center has been setup by the CATS team. The data center hosts an advanced enterprise unified storage system, several blade servers and rack servers that host integrated databases which store the University data. The servers also host a variety of applications that are used within the University. GITAM holds the best integrated network infrastructure in the State provided by CISCO, a world number one in networking.

Software development is one of the key services provided by CATS team which has the capability to develop and distribute software according to the needs of any third party educational institution or company. All the current softwares have been developed and customized exclusively for the wide ranging needs of the University. The softwares are also maintained and updated by the CATS team as per the requirement of the users. GITAM University’s website is updated on a timely basis with the news and events taking place within the campus by the CATS team. The CATS department is also responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the learning management system (LMS) that has been adopted by the University.

To help the students in the University with their assignments and project related work, the CATS team has setup E-Learning centers that host about 200 computers. Video lectures which contain critical topics such as principles of programming languages and digital signals processing are hosted on the servers and are accessible to students on the GITAM Intranet.

To monitor the attendance of students, CATS has implemented an advanced short messaging system(SMS) integrated with the central database and unified communication system that helps the parents of the students to keep track of the progress of their wards. The payroll module that computes the salary bill of the employees is integrated with the biometric attendance system. As part of the security measures, CATS has installed IP based state-of-the-art Video Surveillance System which can record and store various events for about a month. The Centre is currently working on setting up disaster recovery operations and cloud computing services.

Software Architecture

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E- Learning Centre:

E-Learning is an extremely effective interactive experience that totally engages the participant. Learning is ‘personal’ and is accessible, with complete flexibility of schedule. The learner is in control of the learning experience. It heralds the second coming of education and has far reaching implications in terms of teaching methods, student coverage and flexibility. Keeping this in mind, the E-Learning Centre (ELC) was started in 2002. This provides web-based e-learning facility to the students. The Digital Library provides access to research publications by reputed publishers like IEEE, Springerlink, ACM, ASME, ASCE, EBSCO, Management Dynamics, Capitaline, Emerald, etc. and e-books from e-brary and McGraw-Hill Digital Engineering Library. This facility is extended to all the computers connected to the GITAM Intranet.

ICT Architecture at GITAM University