Year of Establishment                                :           2009

Coordinator                                                  :           Prof. N. Srinivas


Climate change is one of the most important global environmental challenges facing humanity impacting agricultural production, water resources, ecosystems (coastal, forest and urban), socio- economic profiles (health, energy, security), etc. The climatic change issue is part of the serious challenges of sustainable development. Climate change and consequent disaster are increasingly being considered as development constraints. Mainstreaming them into the development policy is all the more significant in the current context. Researchers and policy makers across the world realized this importance. Against this background, the Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Management has been established in the University with the following objectives.




1.    To develop environmentally sound and climate friendly technologies for effective waste management practices in particular and green house gas emissionsins in general.


2.    To study the impact of climate change on monsoonal climate in North-Coastal AP in  association with National Research Organizations.


3.    To analyze impact of climate change on Forests in Eastern Ghats.


Research Labs:


Required facilities in terms of research labs are established / to be established to undertake various research activities as follows:


a. Climate change impact studies:


1.    Renewable Energy Laboratory:

2.    Solar Energy:

3.    Ecology and Biodiversity Laboratory:

4.    Water Resources Lab:

5.    Pollution Monitoring Laboratory:

6.    Noise Monitoring:

7.    EIA and Risk Assessment Studies Laboratory

8.    Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Laboratory


b. Disaster Management Studies:


1.    Cleaner technologies laboratory

2.    Earth system and GIS Laboratory

3.    Costal Systems Research Laboratory