Dear Alumnus,

I extend my hearty congratulations and I welcome you to the GITAM University Alumni Association.

“Alumni” is a generic term that describes all those who have spent time studying at a particular institution, but for us it is more than just a definition. It is a lifetime relationship with continued interest, interaction and involvement with one’s Alma mater.

GITAM University Alumni Association offers numerous ways that you can stay connected with your fellow graduates, and the institute, and benefit from a variety of privileges, such as activities, events, professional and educational seminars, new programs of study, career options and networking opportunities. You may simply join our Association, and remember to update your contact data, so that we can keep you informed.

We have taken justifiable pride in the achievements of our graduates, whether in the academia or in the labor market, in India and abroad, and we hope that you will continue this fine tradition, of more than 20,000 alumni. I look forward to welcoming you back at one of our forthcoming reunion parties.

News and Events

Dr. K. Veera Bhadram
Director of Student Affairs